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Hard Fact

Poor web design and poor page layout will drive potential customers away...




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The very first element of good Web Design is to use SEO (search engine optimisation) to get your on page ranking factors right! Huh? we hear you say, but our designers didn't mention any such thing!


If you've reached this page via a search on Google then you'll know that there are thousands of web design firms listed and they are all trying very hard to convince you that they're the best.



Make the wrong choice and you will waste a lot of time and money and above all drive away potential customers!!



So, which one will you choose?

 The truth is that any one of these thousands of web design companies can give you a relatively decent looking website.


But very, very few will actually know what a fundamental difference that incorporating a search engine optimisation policy at the very start of the design phase can make to your website being found in the top search results of Google, Yahoo and MSN or not.


Why should this be? Well the short answer is that both web design and SEO are 2 distinct disciplines in their own right and many capable designers have little or no experience in SEO or vice versa.


So, if you want to feature well against your competitors on Google then our SEO and web design experts will set up your site to rank highly for your niche market.


We can say this with some certainty because we know from experience that good SEO web design will always get your site ranking well for the following reasons:


    Appropriate use of content to make your site more sticky


    Keyword rich text to help the search engine robots index your site correctly.


    Using the latest eye tracking research to naturally target key sales areas.


    Using 4 critical components to make site navigation easy.


    Using images appropriately to enforce your sales message.


    Adding correct alt text to images.


    Reducing web page load time.


    Cross-browser compatibility .


    Companies inadvertently fail each and every day simply because they haven't been advised correctly on good search engine optimisation and design to get top search rankings.


    But it doesn't have to be this way. Simply by having your site appraised by our experts you will get to know how your site is viewed by the search engines and what needs to be done to get visitors reaching your products and services.


    Our SEO web design team are fully experienced in getting the balance of your sales message, layout, design and usability to produce professional websites that rank high in the search engines.


    In a crowded marketplace with so much choice, Loyal-e will make sure that your website stands out from that of your competitors, engages more easily with your site visitors and encourages repeat visits.


    And remember...search engines love fresh content and visitors will often get bored if a site remains too static for any length of time, so now may be the time for that all important update.



    Take action now & get the results you've always wanted...


    Your website is your shop window online and reflects on your company and/or yourself so don't let a poorly designed site consign you to the dustbin of the search engine results..


    For top search rankings & cutting edge web design... Call our SEO web design team today on 020 7946 0527today to see how we can help...


    What our clients say...

    Customer delighted wih her new website

    "I'm really happy with the finished result, it reflects my business perfectly, it's classy and professional. Thank you for a brilliant job."

    Kathryn Francis, CEO, Better For Organics

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