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Listed across are some of the processes we undertake to ensure that your business aims are being met at every stage

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Loyal-e will work closely with you to:



Define the most suitable content - from customer recruitment to special offers, product promotions, upsells, company events, invitations and company information


Create eye-catching HTML Templates - plus text versions with powerful copy to stimulate impulse buying, brand loyalty and awareness



Construct/build your email database - collect site visitors' email addresses from you - import names into a readily accessible format - automate list management - send your permission-based (not SPAM email) newsletters weekly, monthly etc.



Manage the delivery process - to ensure that your customers receive the mailing in the right format, test the design facility for speed of download and browser compatibility



List management - including subscribe/unsubscribe, updating database



Pay-per-click (PPC) Advice - including setting up of advertising campaigns with Google, Overture etc;



Loyal-e offer - opt-in list building and targeted list purchasing from suitable vendor organisations





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Consider this...
  • Today, email marketing is something that few companies can afford to ignore
  • In a fast moving world where customers want instant solutions, control and choice, email marketing is an integral part of most communications strategies
  • A vital tool for recruitment, loyalty building and sales enhancement it offers an immediate, interactive and dynamic solution
  • It is more cost-effective than most traditional media and proven to gain results - this is particularly attractive to companies who want the most from their marketing budgets
  • Today most companies are either looking to or fully adopting PPC advertising campaigns
  • The Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Dell & Sony have all embraced both email marketing via opt-in newsletters and PPC advertising due to their cost effectiveness and instant traffic generation potential
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