e-Marketing Strategy - Why a mix of online marketing methods is a must today?


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E-Marketing Strategies


The old adage of "don't put all your eggs in one basket" applies more than ever to online marketing today

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The need to diversify...


The days when you simply put up a few pages with keywords on them, typed in the description and metatags and summitted them to the search engines and hey presto!...your web site was found are long gone.


Instead, it now takes skill, experience, judgement and sheer persistence to get top rankings and keep those rankings consistently.


Combine the above with the ever-constant changes in algorithms of the top 3 search engines and what you have is an often reactive marketing response to acheiving constantly viable traffic figures to your website.


In other words, it is difficult to acheive and maintain top search rankings today just by tweaking the content on your web pages.


You will have no doubt heard plenty of hype from so-called "SEO experts" proclaiming special relationships with the likes of Google and Yahoo and guaranteeing results.


The truth is that 'no-one' company or individual alone has any such relationship with the search engines or can indeed guarantee search ranking results.


So, why bother then?


The simple answer is that gaining top search rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSn is certainly achievable, but success lies in having a mix of strategies from on page optimisation to off page, web content, e-marketing, PR and PPC campaigns


But how do you know what works and what doesn't and what will suit your particular business?


For instance let's take a brief look at e- Marketing, the much overlooked yet potentially powerful web marketing strategy

  • With response rates 5 times that of direct marketing, e-marketing has fast become an integral part of most succesful companies marketing strategies - why?
  • Companies such as IBM, Dell, Apple & Sony all use e-Marketing largely attracted by the fact that they can tap into a global marketplace with a few simple clicks of their respective mice


The pay-off can be huge when compared against other more traditional forms of marketing!



Loyal-e The E-marketing Experts!


Since 1998 Loyal-e have continued to hone and refine its' online marketing skills, strategies and knowledge and have built-up a pretty sound idea of what works best and what doesn't online.


That's 9 years of solid experience that we bring to bear.


The bottom line is that we, will work together with you to develop an effective web marketing strategy to get you highly targeted traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.


We will help to build your loyalty mailing programmes, retain your customers and grow your online presence and increase your sales conversion ratios.


From customer recrutiment to fulfillment and retention we use an array of online marketing techniques to extract the utmost from your online presence.


Loyal-e has substantial experience of both the electronic and classic direct marketing sectors which gives us a unique advantage in helping to build hugely successful business web sites.



We offer a "one-on-one" service that is unparalleled anywhere with our E-marketing campaigns starting from as little as £100 per month.



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Things to ponder on...
  • Is your website achieving it's full potential?
  • Are you missing out on more sales/sign-ups?
  • Are you doing everything tht you can to maximise your online presence?
  • Are you spending more and more time worrying about your lack of traffic instead of running your business?



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